Roll Tops

Roll Top

Our Roll Tops are built with 3/4" exterior plywood side panels primed and painted for durability and weather resistance.  The cross pieces are made from 1" x 3"'s or 1" x 4"'s (depending on height) and also primed and painted.   They are available in 12", 18", 24", and 30" heights.    Roll Tops are sold in pairs and are available in three lengths to fit beneath 8', 10', and 12' wide jumps.  The front to back measurement corresponds to the height.  They are covered in durable, long-lasting indoor/outdoor faux grass carpeting.

 Item              Height  Color        
 3.5' Roll Top  12"  Solid  $240./pair
 3.5' Roll Top      18"  Solid  $290./pair
 3.5' Roll Top  24"  Solid  $320./pair
 3.5' Roll Top    30"  Solid  $390./pair
 4.5' Roll Top     12"   Solid  $290./pair
 4.5' Roll Top    18"  Solid  $340./pair
 4.5' Roll Top      24"  Solid  $390./pair
 4.5' Roll Top  30"  Solid  $440./pair
 5.5' Roll Top      12"  Solid  $340./pair
 5.5' Roll Top      18"  Solid  $390./pair
 5.5' Roll Top     24"  Solid  $440./pair
 5.5' Roll Top  30"  Solid  $490./pair