Standards with Rail

Cavalletti Jump Standards with Rail

Our Cavalletti Jump Standards with Rail are made up of a pair of our Cavalletti Jump Standard and one round uniform 3 1/2" diameter Rail.  The Rail is bolted to the Cavelletti Standards for stability. This allows you to turn the Cavalletti Standards to achieve 3 different heights, 16", 8" and 4". Our Cavalletti Jump Standard with Rail can be painted white or any standard solid color and the rails can be striped.  They are available in three lengths.

 Item      Color  Price*
  8' Cavalletti Standard with Rail  Solid  $115.
10' Cavalletti Standard with Rail      Solid  $125.
12' Cavalletti Standard with Rail       Solid  $135.
 *add $15. for striped rails